Last Updated on December 29, 2020

A list of legal documents pertaining to the legislation under which the formation, registration or incorporation, governance, and dissolution of a firm is administered and controlled.

Main Legislation

Companies Act Cap. 386
Malta Business Registry (Establishment as an Agency) Order, 2018

Subsidiary Legislation

S.L. 386.01 Companies Act (Forms) Regulations
S.L. 386.02 Companies Act (Investment Companies with Variable Share Capital) Regulations
S.L. 386.03 Companies Act (Fees) Regulations
S.L. 386.04 Companies Act (Investment Companies with Fixed Share Capital) Regulations
S.L. 386.05 Continuation of Companies Regulations
S.L. 386.06 Companies Act (Applicability to Offshore Companies) Regulations
S.L. 386.07 Applicability of the Companies Act to Offshore Companies formed and registered under the Commercial Partnerships Ordinance and the Malta Financial Services Authority Act Order
S.L. 386.08 Companies Act (European Economic Interest Grouping) Regulations
S.L. 386.09 Investment Companies with Variable Share Capital as Retirement Funds Regulations
S.L. 386.10 Companies Act (Cell Companies Carrying on Business of Insurance) Regulations
S.L. 386.11 Companies Act (The Prospectus) Regulations
S.L. 386.12 Cross-Border Mergers of Limited Liability Companies Regulations
S.L. 386.13 – Companies Act (Incorporated Cell Companies Carrying on Business of Insurance) Regulations
S.L. 386.14 – Companies Act (SICAV Incorporated Cell Companies) Regulations
S.L. 386.15 – Companies Act (Recognised Incorporated Cell Companies) Regulations
S.L. 386.16 Insurance Business Act (Cap.403) Securitisation Cell Companies Regulations, 2014
S.L. 386.17 Transfer of Registered Office of a European Company (SE) Regulations
S.L. 386.18 Companies Act (System of Interconnection of Registers) Regulations
S.L. 386.19 Companies Act (Register of Beneficial Owners) Regulations
S.L. 386.20 Companies Act (Audit Exemption) Regulations
S.L. 386.21 Companies Act (Company Reconstructions Fund) Regulations
S.L. 386.22 Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell companies) Regulations
S.L. 459.01 – Financial Collateral Arrangements Regulations

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