Last Updated on December 11, 2020

George Spiteri is the Head of the Human Resources Development Unit at the Malta Business Registry. He is qualified with an MSc in Human Resources & Training and with a Diploma in Social Studies (Industrial Relations). George has over 35 years’ working experience in the two main financial sector’s institutions in Malta, being the Central Bank of Malta (CBM) and the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

In 1983 he started his career at the CBM, occupying various posts, in the Documentary Credits’ Section, Internal Audit and as Assistant Executive within the Banking Supervision. At the CBM, George also acted as General Secretary, on a voluntary basis, of the CBM in-house employees’ Union for 10 consecutive years.

Beginning 2002, he moved to the MFSA, responsible to the creation and development of the HR & Training Unit and its recruitment processes, performance management, retention and training. As Head of the MFSA HR Unit, George was an active member in the Board of Management and Resources, the MFSA Ethics Officer, member of the MFSA Education Consultative Council and represented the Authority in the HR Committee and also the Ethics Committee of the European Central Bank (ECB). During his vast experience, he participated in various local and overseas training events in HR Management, Performance Management, Interviewing & Recruitment Techniques, Employment Case Law sessions, Health & Safety, Emotional Intelligence, Sexual Harassment and Business Ethics.        

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