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Software Download and Installation Guide

I want to start using the online functionality to submit documents on the MBR System. What do I need to do?
Kindly note that the online signing functionality is on available on the Windows Operating System.

Before proceeding to download and install the necessary software, kindly make sure that you have:

  • Valid Maltese Identity Card
  • Smart Card Reader
  • PIN Codes for your E-ID

If you don’t have access to your PIN Codes, kindly contact Identity Malta to reset your PINs.
Kindly use the following guide to install the software:

Frequently Asked Questions

What user type should I choose?
If you’re only using the system to search company information and purchase documents, you do not need to have an account with the system. Registered users can either be a Normal User or an Authorised User.

A Normal User can search company information, purchase documents, make name reservations and pay penalties.

An Authorised User has the same functionality as a Normal User but can create, sign and submit the following:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Annual Returns
  • Annual Accounts
  • Form BO – Declaration on Beneficial Owners
  • Form B1 – Notice of resolution for dissolution and consequential winding up
  • Form B2 – Declaration of solvency
  • Form F – Notice to Registrar to exercise his power to appoint an auditor
  • Form F1 – Notice of the removal of an auditor
  • Form F2 – Notification by partnership/company of the resignation of an auditor
  • Form H – Return of allotments of shares
  • Form I – Notice that a company has become a Single-Member Company
  • Form I1 – Notice that a company has ceased to be a Single-Member Company
  • Form K – Notification of changes amongst directors or company secretary or in the representation of a company
  • Form L – Notice of appointment of liquidator
  • Form L3 – Notice of resignation of a liquidator
  • Form Q – Notification of change in registered office of a company
  • Form S – Declaration of compliance with Article (110(4)) relating to financial assistance given by a private company for the purchase of its own or its parent company’s shares
  • Form T – Notice of transfer or transmission of shares
  • Form T1 – Notice of redemption of preference shares
  • Form T2 – Notice of pledge of securities
  • Form T3 – Notice of termination of a pledge of securities
  • Report in terms of Sec. 73(6) – Non-Cash Consideration
  • Increase in Issued Share Capital

How long does the process for the Online Filing of documents take to complete online?
The time taken to complete the electronic process and Online Filing varies depending on the type of document being filed, and may take between 3 to 15 minutes. The end-user has the option to save his/her current state before submission.

How long does it take for the ROC to complete your Online Filing submission?
The process of vetting and processing of the submission usually takes up to 5 working days to complete.

I’m getting the ‘Certificate presentation failed. Please ensure that your ID card is in your reader and check your PIN.’ error. What should I do?
This error can occur when trying to Register your Authentication Certificate or trying to add a link to the company. When prompted with this error:

1) Refresh the webpage
2) Click on Present Authentication Certificate again
3) The Authentication Certificate / Serial Number should be registered successfully

If the problem persists, check that the certificates were exported successfully to your browser.

Why were the company links rejected?
In order for a company link to be approved, you need to tick the following:

  • I hereby apply for authorisation to create and submit documents for this company and I confirm that I have been duly authorised to act accordingly
  • that you’re an Authorised Signatory

Kindly note that if you’re not the company director or company secretary, you need to provide a Board Resolution signed by at least one director indicating that you’re an authorised to sign documents on behalf of the companies. You can send this Board Resolution either by post or to the e-mail:

I’m getting the ‘Signing unsuccessful: Signer certificate not found’ error. What should I do?
This error can occur when trying to Register your Signing Certificate or trying to sign a document When prompted with this error:

1) Log Out of the system
2) Re-insert your ID card in the Smart Card Reader and check that the light indicator on the reader is turned on
3) Search for the program Restart SignApp and run the program. Click OK when prompted
4) Log back into the system and find the Form you were trying to sign from the Status Menu
5) Click on Edit Form, go through the document again until the PDF is generated
6) Click on the Sign button. You will be prompted to enter your PIN (PIN B) and select your digital certificate
If the problem persists, check that the certificates were exported successfully to your browser.

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