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About the Malta Business Registry

The Malta Business Registry, established under Subsidiary Legislation 497.27, has various responsibilities in terms of the Companies Act, Ch 386 of the Laws of Malta. The Office of the Official Receiver functions within the Malta Business Registry and is responsible for the dissolution and winding up of commercial partnerships ordered by the Court, and other functions relating to pre-insolvency, and restructuring of companies.

The Role

The selected candidate will be appointed as Professional Officer in Grade 6 The selected candidate will be appointed as Professional Officer (Accountant) in Grade 6 (starting salary from €26,445) and will be expected to report to the Official Receiver and support him in his functions. Within this scope, the duties to be undertaken may include any of the following:

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the Maltese restructuring and insolvency framework;
  • Coordinating with company/partnership officials or other parties for a handover of documentation, information and possession of property;
  • Coordinating and holding meetings with related parties such as company/partnership officials and creditors;
  • Attending offsite locations to coordinate and/or supervise operations related to the dissolution or restructuring of commercial partnerships;
  • Administering an estate or business of a commercial partnership undergoing restructuring or dissolution and winding up procedures;
  • Drafting of reports, applications and other documents for presentation to the registrar of courts or directly before Magistrates/Judges in court as necessary, and appear in court proceedings and /or take the witness stand to give information or brief the court on matters related to companies/partnerships undergoing restructuring, dissolution and winding up;
  • Endeavour to provide companies/partnerships in a likelihood of insolvency with a chance to restructure and, in turn, avoid dissolution and winding up;
  • Safeguarding the companies’/partnerships’ rights;
  • Providing timely, accurate and focused information on restructuring, dissolution and winding up of commercial partnerships and related matters to superiors;
  • Managing and supporting the business conducted by commercial partnerships in day to day operations;
  • Preparing and maintaining a budget for commercial partnerships;
  • Managing, coordinating or overseeing the preparation of financial statements, tax matters, audits and other regulatory reports for commercial partnerships, as may be required, and coordinating onward presentation to relevant authorities;
  • Preparing reports for the creditors’ or other meetings;
  • Acting as a point of reference for the any outsourced accounting or audit teams;
  • Proposing practical solutions to issues that arise on a day-to-day basis;
  • Liaising with relevant stakeholders, including official public authorities such as the Police and the FIAU and other foreign entities; and
  • Co-ordinating, administering and otherwise managing any projects lead by the office of the Official Receiver.

Furthermore s/he will be expected to assist in other duties and other Units within the MBR as may be directed from time to time either by the Official Receiver or by any other official to whom the Chief’s authority is delegated.

Any other duties described above may change depending on the exigencies of the Unit and/or the MBR.

About You

(i) Preference will be given to candidates who possess a University of Malta Degree in Accounts or the ACCA with a Warrant as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an equivalent qualification in a relevant field of study at National Qualification Framework Level 6 or better, duly certified by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC)* or a widely recognised professional qualification at a comparable level; AND also possess a minimum of four (4) years working experience in an assistant managerial role within a related area; OR

(ii) Consideration will also be given to Candidates with an NQF Level 5 Diploma or an equivalent qualification in a related area and five (5) years prior work experience in an assistant managerial role within a related area; OR

(iii) Candidates who at least possess seven (7) years’ experience in an assistant managerial role within a related area.

*It is the responsibility of applicants in possession of qualifications awarded by Universities and other similar institutions outside Malta to produce a recognition statement on comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC). Applicants should do so preferably at application stage or otherwise at the preliminary interview should an applicant be selected for such interview.
Details can be obtained by accessing the National Commission for Further and Higher Education website on under MQRIC heading.

How to Apply

Candidates are to forward a copy of their Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) and an accompanying covering letter providing the motivation for the application to

C.V and covering letter will be received by not later than Monday, 23rd August 2021.

The MBR will disregard any C.V.s and covering letters received after deadline. Candidates should assess and check before submitting their information whether they fulfil all the requirements as specified in this Vacancy notice, particularly in terms of qualifications and relevant professional experience. The MBR reserves the right to withdraw this call at any time and not to select any of the Candidates.

Data Protection

The MBR shall ensure that any processing of personal data is in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), the Data Protection Act (Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta) and any other relevant European Union and national law.

Appeal Procedure

If a candidate considers that s/he has been adversely affected by a particular decision, s/he can lodge a complaint within one (1) month from the time the candidate is notified of the application/interview feedback, addressed to the MBR Chief Operations Officer, AM Business Centre, Triq il-Labour, Zejtun ZTN 2401.

Submission of Information

Candidates are to note that the submission of any false statement/s or omission, even if unintended, may lead to the cancellation of their application and may render the candidate’s appointment liable to termination.

Furthermore, please note that candidates may be asked to submit any documentation in support of the information provided, including but not limited to, proof of qualifications and Police Conduct Certificates.

Jobsplus Public Call Permit Reference: 337/2020

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