Last Updated on November 14, 2020

Digital Receptionist Guidelines

The Digital Receptionist or Answering Machine for the MBR (22582300) has been updated with the following settings: 

At the start of the call, Press 1 to continue in Maltese or Press 2 to continue in English. 

You will now have the following options to choose from: 

  • Press 1 to order certificates or certified documents. You can also send an e-mail to for assistance. 
  • Press 2 for assistance about company name reservation
  • Press 3 for assistance about the online system. You can also send an e-mail to
  • Press 4 if you need assistance from a desk officer that does not include the previous options. 
  • Press 5 for any other query or assistance. 

When selecting option 4, you will be asked to either Press 1 to talk a desk officer of a registered company (with a C number) or Press 0 for other types of commercial partnerships. If you pressed in this part, dial the digits (C number) of the company and the system will pass you through to the desk officer responsible. 

The MBR Call Centre is open from Monday to Thursday from 8am to noon, and from 1pm to 4pm and on Fridays from 8am to noon. 

The International & Corporate Taxation Unit (ICTU) make use of the same opening hours for telephone calls and have a different telephone line, which is 22582200. 

Company Allocations (C Companies)

11000Tiziana Ellul
5200153000Maria Caruana
10012000Carl Gauci
5300154000Anthony Sciberras
20013000Tiziana Ellul
5400157000Geoffrey Agius
30014000Maria Caruana
5700158000Mark Schembri
40016000Tiziana Ellul
5800159000Raissa Accarino
60018000Geoffrey Agius
5900160000Daniela Azzopardi
80019000Tiziana Ellul
6000161000Damian Borg
900113000Carl Gauci
6100162000Neil Sant
1300114000Neil Sant
6200163000Geoffrey Agius
1400115000Damian Borg
6300164000Anthony Sciberras
1500116000Mark Schembri
6400165000Maria Caruana
1600117000Damian Borg
6500166000Damian Borg
1700118000Maria Caruana
6600167000Mark Schembri
1800119000Melanie Damato
6700169000Daniela Azzopardi
1900120000Anthony Sciberras
6900170000Annalise Sargent
2000121000Daniela Azzopardi
7000172000Carl Gauci
2100123000Neil Sant
7200173000Anthony Sciberras
2300126000Tiziana Ellul
7300174000Mark Schembri
2600127000Anthony Sciberras
7400175000Maria Caruana
2700128000Mark Schembri
7500176000Melanie Damato
2800130000Maria Caruana
7600177000Daniela Azzopardi
3000131000Damian Borg
7700178000Anthony Sciberras
3100132000Mark Schembri
7800180000Melanie Damato
3200133000Neil Sant
8000181000Damian Borg
3300135000Maria Caruana
8100182000Annalise Sargent
3500136000Geoffrey Agius
8200183000Raissa Accarino
3600137000Mark Schembri
8300184000Damian Borg
3700139000Raissa Accarino
8400185000Antonella Grech
3900140000Neil Sant
8500186000Raissa Accarino
4000141000Anthony Sciberras
8600187000Neil Sant
4100142000Maria Caruana
8700188000Daniela Azzopardi
4200143000Raissa Accarino
8800190000Tiziana Ellul
4300145000Carl Gauci
9000191000Annalise Sargent
4500146000Mark Schembri
9100192000Geoffrey Agius
4600147000Neil Sant
9200193000Neil Sant
4700148000Damian Borg
9300194000Tiziana Ellul
4800149000Mark Schembri
9400195000Carl Gauci
4900150000Raissa Accarino
9500196000Antonella Grech
5000151000Anthony Sciberras
9600197000Annalise Sargent
5100152000Annalise Sargent
9700197500Raissa Accarino

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OCClaire Camilleri Borg –
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