A Deed of partnership needs to be registered, which deed needs to include:

  • name of partnership
  • share capital which is normally listed as ‘Contribution’.
  • Name, residential address and identification document number of partners
  • Registered address
  • Objects
  • Representation

The fee payable upon registration of partnership is charged depending on the contribution as prescribed in the Companies Act. No bank deposit slip is required in these cases.

If partners are single, status must be indicated and only their signature is required. Nonetheless, in case of a married partner, the status must be indicated and spouses’ signature is required in the deed.

In case of a partnership ‘en commandite’, the same requirements specified for the partnership en nom collectif apply, with a specification as to which of the partners are general partners and which of them are limited partners. If this specification is not mentioned in the deed of partnership, then the partnership shall be deemed to be a partnership ‘en nom collectif’.

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