To be Malta’s national Business Registry recognised globally as an excellent Business Registry offering quality services to the corporate and business sectors locally and internationally, in compliance with local legislation and international standards.


To provide best possible service expeditiously and impartially to our customers, cost effectively with state-of-the-art facilities to incorporate companies and to register and inspect company documents.

To provide stakeholders with adequate, accurate and easily accessible registers, undertaking effective enforcement, to maintain Malta’s global reputation as a jurisdiction of choice.

To ensure that the legislative frameworks that govern the businesses are efficient, up-to-date with international standards, responsive, user and investor-friendly and also to have the right legislative tools for combating crime, money laundering and financing of terrorism.



To act with integrity, consistency, transparency, impartiality, confidentiality and accuracy through demonstration of deep understanding of the relevant legislation and processes.


To motivate our staff to achieve organisational objectives by adopting appropriate human resource management strategies, making our workplace one which recognises talent, develop skills and abilities, reward performance, upholds integrity, promotes merit and foster equality.


To care for and respect our customers by listening to them and taking into account their needs and expectations when shaping the types and quality of service which we deliver.


To care for and provide a quality service and effective enforcement through dedicated people of high calibre working together as a team.


To embrace change by remaining receptive to new ideas, technologies and work practices so as to enhance the level and quality of our services and facilities. To monitor international developments and trends so that we can benefit from opportunities that arise.


To highly motivate our employees to deliver high quality services by giving learning opportunities to develop their careers and contribute towards the success of the team.


To ensure the Registry services and systems are available during office hours and on-line services are available uninterruptedly 24/7.


To be proportionate, adopt risk based approaches within a suited risk appetite to meet the Agency’s strategic objectives and in Malta’s interests.


To be open to the use of new technologies and working with the business sector to expand our activities for the benefit of the business community. To encourage and to be receptive to constructive feedback.


To be prepared to take new services and to be willing and able to listen to suggestions and act accordingly.

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