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With effect from the 1st September 2002 the Registry of Companies shall be implementing a new requirement in connection with the registration of companies and certain statutory forms. This requirement seeks to meet the demands of current international standards, which emphasise the importance of establishing the identity and of retaining proper identification records of owners and officers of companies.

As from the 1st September 2002, documents submitted for registration (both in respect of new companies and statutory forms) indicating the involvement in a Maltese commercial partnership of individuals who do not hold a Maltese identity card or entities that are not constituted under Maltese law, should be accompanied by the following:

In the case of individuals:

A copy of the passport or other official identification document;

In the case of companies / other entities:

A copy of a certificate confirming the existence of the entity (e.g. certificate of registration, certificate of good standing, etc.).

In the case of individuals holding a Maltese identity card or entities constituted under Maltese law, verification of identification / existence will continue to be carried out by reference to local databases and sources of information, including the electoral register and Registry database itself.

The submission of bank references in respect of non-resident shareholders shall no longer be required on a compulsory basis, although such practice is encouraged.

The Registrar of Companies however reserves the right, in particular cases or classes of cases, to require the submission of any additional information / documentation as he may deem necessary, including the submission of satisfactory references from banks or other referees of standing in respect of any individual or entity (whether resident or otherwise) involved in a Maltese commercial partnership.

The co-operation of all those involved in company registration and company secretarial practice is solicited in order to implement this new procedure in a smooth manner.

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