The Malta Business Registry would like to inform that it will be re-opening its offices to the public on the 1st of June.

Clients are being advised that in order to visit the MBR’s premises one should be wearing adequate face protection (medical face masks or face shields). Kindly note that no one will be allowed to proceed inside the premises without face protection.

Clients are also being notified that prior to accessing the building, their temperature will be checked by the security guard stationed at the front door.

Once inside the building clients are to follow the precautionary instructions, such as constant hand sanitization at marked hand sanitizing areas and to abide by social distancing markings.

Kindly note that a very limited number of customers will be allowed in the premises at once.

While we hope that it is understood that these measures are being taken in the best interest of our employees’ and clients’ health, we would like to apologise for any long queue times which may result from the above measures. For this reason, clients are being encouraged to make use of our online system as much as possible and only visit our offices when absolutely necessary.

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