The MBR would like to remind Corporate Service Providers, practitioners and the general public that the transfer to the new portal ( will be as from Tuesday 7th November. The previous portal ( will be decommissioned and made unavailable.

The MBR would like to remind Corporate Service Providers and the general public can still submit documents in paper format or electronically signed to We also urge users if they haven’t already done so, to set-up their accounts on the new portal by using the following guide: MBR Portal FAQs

Kindly also note the following updates with regards to the new online portal.

Transfer of Top-Up Balance

To transfer any remaining top-up balance from the previous system to the new one, kindly fill out the following template and send it on

ID Card / Passport No:
Company Name:
Username on previous system:

Transfer to (Kindly mark with X):

[  ] Personal Account                                                      [  ] Corporate Account*

*If Corporate Account
Name of Corporate Account

Any Additional Comments:

Top-Up Payments

Kindly note that funds to top-up accounts can only be added by using a Credit Card. Moreover, those clients that have already effected a Bank Transfer to the MBR Bank account by 31.10.2023 in order to add funds to their top up account, will also need to submit the above form to

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