The Malta Business Registry and the Department of Accountancy within the University of Malta signed an agreement that shall establish greater collaboration and cooperation between both parties.

The aim of the agreement is to set grounds for mutual assistance particularly related to research material and information related to the study units or dissertations organised or taking place under the supervision of the Department of Accountancy.

Moreover, it paves the way for informative seminars for students and lecturers, provides adequate training, particularly those related to the latest legal overhaul, insight to Malta Business Registry’s personnel, guidance by the MBR personnel to students in choosing research questions, other relevant assistance to the lecturers and exchange of information.

The Registrar and the Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Business Registry Dr. Geraldine Spiteri Lucas remarked that the agreement gives a clear signal of where we want to continue to take the Malta Business Registry, an entity which acts as a shoulder for businesses, will now simultaneously also serve as a shoulder to the educational lattice to sustain the interest that already exists in the work done as an entity.

‘During the year we receive about 20 requests for help in relation to research surveys being carried out by students’ for their thesis and research, requests for clarification of information, or a request for help which we have always ensured to give where necessary. However, with this agreement, we will be able to give more within the set parameters. I want to say that the growing interest in working in the field of company law and corporate is increasing. The law is a dynamic one that seeks to strengthen the interests of the Maltese jurisdiction. It is in this context that we felt that we should make this agreement after encountering student queries interested in conducting research in connection with the register of Beneficial Owners, cell companies, and company law itself soon after they were implemented. Through the research we were able to notice their potential and how they can continue to develop by means of more help and guidance from the Malta Business Registry’ said Dr. Spiteri Lucas.

Dr. Emmanuel Said, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy within the University of Malta remarked that the agreement seeks to bolster other research carried out within the Department whilst ensuring that students will have at hand better tools that are relevant for the industry.

Profs. Alfred Vella, Rector of the University of Malta said that concurrently, several are the students studying accountancy who already have a hands-on experience within the employment field. ‘Through the agreement, future practitioners will have better tools at their disposal when dealing with this line of business. As an educational institution, we constantly strive to ensure that the teaching programs offered reflect today’s requirements of the accountancy profession whilst ensuring to provide what is sought by the industry’

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